TV-KTV15 shelf

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Taiwan plastic furniture

TV-KTV15 shelf
  • TV-KTV15 shelf

TV-KTV15 shelf

Code : KTV15

Material : Nhựa cao cấp ABS nhập khẩu

Price : 4.800.000 vnđ
Hotline: 0977 583 340 - 0977 473 213

Product description

  • Material: Taiwan ABS high quality plastic
  • Manufactured according to European standards
  • Standard size: 660 wide width 180 cm 40cm deep
  •  Colors: white, black, nuggets, poplar, leaves, purple, pink, orange, red, brown wood, wood grain, stone grain

Colors and stickers are subject to change upon request
Free design according to customer requirements
Diverse colors, suitable for many interior styles.
Delivery and installation around Saigon
Free delivery for orders under 10km, over 10km ship fee 5-100k depending on the region
High quality aluminum alloy handle with scratch and rust protection
Genuine accessories.
Modern design has structural reinforcement, high machining technology, ensuring long-term use.
10-year product warranty, support removable product removal for a lifetime,
+ Having quality inspection certificate.
+ Safe with young children.
+ Products have full genuine warranty
Contact advice, order: 0977 583 340


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